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FM Patcher

FM Patcher is a small application that lets you change Photoshop .8bf plugins that were created with older versions of FilterMeister in order to make them work under Windows Vista. Normally developers just need to recompile their plugins with the latest FilterMeister release to make them Vista-compatible, but unfortunately some developers abandoned their plugins. So we decided to create FM Patcher to enable users of these old plugins to make them work under Vista.

At the moment Fm Patcher does not fix the problem that old FilterMeister plugins have with activated Data Execution Prevention (DEP). You still need to deactivate DEP in your control panel or place your graphics application on the DEP exclusion list.

You can download FM Patcher here: http://www.filtermeister.com/FMPatcher.zip (391 K)

After downloading please unzip it and run FMPatcherSetup.exe. To use FM Patcher click on one of the two Patch buttons and select the .8bf files or a folder with .8bf files. Alternatively you can also drag and drop .8bf files on the FM Patcher dialog or its desktop icon. A backup of the processed files will be created with a .bak file extension in the same folder and the patched file will have a "_patched" suffix added to the file name.

If FM Patcher does not alter an .8bf plugin, it means that the plugin was not created with FilterMeister or that it is already Vista-compatible.

New in Version 1.01:

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