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== Description ==

:The FME_INIT event is triggered before the FM dialog is displayed.

:To activate this event you need to use "(Dialog)?: (initevent)?".

:You can use the previous value to check if the plug-in is executed for the first

:time in the host. In that case (previous)?==false.

== Remarks: ==

:1) Using the instruction (setDialogEvent)?(1) allows also to enable the FME_INIT event.

:However, it isn't recommended to use that by default, as it won't work for the very first launch of the plug-in.



:2) For your convenience, this event is also triggered each time you recompile the code of your plug-in.

== Example ==



Dialog: initevent

OnCtl(n): {

if (e==FME_INIT) {

if (!previous) Info("plug-in launched for first time");

else Info("plug-in just launched or recompiled");


return false;



== Also see ==

:FME_CANCEL, (previous)?, (setDialogEvent)?,(initevent)?, (Dialog)?

== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this event here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.