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= SyneRyder =

SyneRyder (aka Kohan Ikin) is the founder & main developer behind namesuppressed. When not writing electronic grunge/industrial music, namesuppressed also develops a variety of shareware & freeware software applications. SyneRyder is currently best known for his range of Photoshop plugins for Windows, and the popular and virulent Kenny Translator.

Selected software projects:

* Photoshop Plug-ins:

** Autochromatic

** Autointerlace

** Plaid Lite

** Simple Tools

** Softener

* Kenny Translator

* Impulse Tracker sample format plugin for Cool Edit

* Webscriber Mailing List Manager

As a member of the FilterMeister Development Team, SyneRyder is a frequent contributor to the Wiki documentation.

== Also see ==

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