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== Syntax ==

:ctl[n]: TRACKBAR(Class Specific Properties), Other Properties

== Description ==

:This user control is a scrollbar with a different design. The filter designer can insert so-called ticks on one or two sides of the handle.

== Class Specific Properties ==


::Automatically sets tick marks according to range amount.


::Sets ticks on adjacent sides of the handle according to orientation (HORZ or VERT).


::Changes orientation of handle and ticks (default)


::Horizontal scrollbar orientation (default)


::Changes orientation of handle and ticks.


::Hides the thumb handle.


::Hides the tick marks of the trackbar.


::Changes orientation of handle and ticks (default with VERT active)


::Changes orientation of handle and ticks.


::Displays the trackbar value beside the handle when dragging the handle.


::Vertical scrollbar orientation.

== Other Properties ==


::Sets the text background color. (default = COLOR_SCROLLBAR)


::Prevents the preview window updating when dragging the scrollbar's handle. (default)


::Sets the scrollbar paging jump unit. (default = 10)


::Sets the numerical range the scrollbar can return. (default = (0, 255))


::Updates the preview window when dragging the scrollbar's handle.


::Initializes the scrollbar's value. (default = 0)

== Example ==


ctl[0]: TRACKBAR, Size=(50, 20), Color=Red

ctl[5]: TRACKBAR (VERT, BOTH, TOPTIP, AUTOTICKS), Range=(0, 10), Size=(30, 90), Color=Yellow


== Notes ==

:Currently, trackbar values cannot be correctly read if the first item i1 of the Range=(i1,i2) property is greater than the second item i2. These problems will be resolved in future FM versions.

:There is also a known issue with trackbars not responding to keyboard events. If the user modifies the trackbar value by using the keyboard, it will not trigger the events that would call the OnCtl handler, (even though this does work for scrollbar controls).

== Also see ==


== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.