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= chooseColor =

== Syntax ==

:int chooseColor(int initialColor, string promptString, ...)

== Arguments ==


::Specifies the initial or default color for the color picker, as an RGB triple.


::Specifies the prompt string for the color picker. This string may contain printf-style format descriptors, which will be expanded using the succeeding arguments.


::Variable number of arguments of varying types, should correspond to the format descriptors in promptString.

== Return ==

:The chosen color stored as an RGB triple, or -1 if the user cancels the color picker.

== Description ==

:chooseColor invokes the host application's default color picker dialog to allow the user to select an RGB color.

== Example ==


int color = 0;

// Displays the color dialog with white as the default color

color = chooseColor( RGB ( 255,255,255 ), "Please choose a color:" );

// Display the RGB values of the chosen color

Info( "The following color was chosen: RGB (%d, %d, %d)", Rval( color ), Gval( color ), Bval( color ) );


== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.