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= countProcessors =

== Syntax ==

:int countProcessors(void)

== Arguments ==


== Return ==

:Returns the number of physical and/or logical processors on your system, as reported by the Windows GetSystemInfo API.

== Description ==

:Lets you know the number of processors you have at your disposal to perform useful work. The process count includes each separate physical cpu, or each core within a multicore cpu, or the two logical cpus within a Hyper-Threaded cpu.

== Example ==





int ncpu = countProcessors();

Info ("This system has %d available processor%s.", ncpu, ncpu==1?"":"s");

return false; //continue processing



== Also see ==

:System Functions, Multithreading Functions, triggerThread, waitForThread, isThreadActive, getThreadRetVal, terminateThread

== Comments ==

*It would be nice to have an API that gives additional info about the processors, such as which ones are physical, which are logical, which logical processors reside on the same H-T or multicore processor, etc.

*Everyone can add her comments about her experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.