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= ctlEnabled =

== Syntax ==

:int ctlEnabled(int n)

== Arguments ==


::Control number whose state will be queried.

== Return ==

:Returns 0 if the control is invisible, 1 if the control is disabled or 3 if the control is visible and enabled.

:In FilterMeister 1.0 Beta 9d, the correct return value for a visible & enabled control is -1.

:You can use `ctlEnabledAs` as an alternative, which returns 3 for both older and new FilterMeister versions.

== Description ==

:This function lets you check the state of a control. Without this function you would have to store the control states in an array or in the put/get cells which would be less convenient. While you can check the state of a control with this function, you can set it with the enableCtl function.

== Example ==

== Also see ==



== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.