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= ctlEnabledAs =

== Syntax ==

:int ctlEnabledAs(int n)

== Arguments ==


::Control number whose state will be queried.

== Return ==

:Returns 0 if the control is invisible, 1 if the control is disabled or 3 if the control is visible and enabled.

== Description ==

:This function is closely related to ctlEnabled. Whereas ctlEnabled returns the state of the control itself, ctlEnabledAs returns the enabled state depending on the state(s) of any parent controls the specified control might have.

:If a control is visible (state 3) by itself, but is part of a tab control (the parent) which is invisible (state 0), this control will not be drawn. ctlEnabled would return state 3 (visible), ctlEnabledAs would return 0 (invisible).

:This function will return the "lowest" state of all states of the control itself and all it's parent controls, in order from low to high: 0 (invisible), 1 (disabled), 3 (visible and enabled).

== Example ==

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== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.