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= freeLib =

== Syntax ==

:freeLib(void *handle)

== Arguments ==


::Handle (as obtained from loadLib) to the DLL to be freed.

== Description ==

:Frees a DLL from memory.

== Example ==


// This code loads the user32.dll DLL included with Windows and

// uses it to display a YES/NO Message Box.

int lib_user32, functionPointer, returnval;

lib_user32 = loadLib("user32");

if (!lib_user32) msgBox(MB_OK, "Error", "DLL was not loaded");

functionPointer = getLibFn(lib_user32, "MessageBoxA");

if (!functionPointer) msgBox(MB_OK, "Error", "Function wasn't loaded");

strcpy(str0, "The window text is here");

strcpy(str1, "Caption Text");

returnval = callLib(functionPointer, NULL, str0, str1, MB_YESNO);

if (returnval == IDYES) msgBox(MB_OK, "Yes!", "Yes was clicked");

if (returnval == IDNO) msgBox(MB_OK, "No :(", "No was clicked");



== Also see ==

:loadLib, getLibFn, callLib

== Comments ==

:Everyone can add their comments about their experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.