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= isThreadActive =

== Syntax ==

:bool isThreadActive(int hThread)

== Arguments ==


:: Specifies the handle of the thread to be checked, or 0 to check whether any worker thread is currently active.

== Return ==

:Returns true if the specified thread (or any worker thread when hThread is 0) is running, or false if the specified thread (or no threads) are running.

== Description ==

:Use this function to test whether a particular worker thread, or any worker thread, is still running. Set hThread to the handle returned from the call to triggerThread to test a particular thread, or set hThread to 0 to test if any worker thread created by triggerThread is still running. This function checks the current exit code of a thread, and returns true if the exit code is (STILL_ACTIVE)?.

== Example ==

== Also see ==

:System Functions, Multithreading Functions, countProcessors, triggerThread, waitForThread, getThreadRetVal, terminateThread, (STLL_ACTIVE)?

== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his or her comments here about his or her experiences with this function. Tips for using it are welcome, too.