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= pgetr =

== Syntax ==

:int pgetr(int d, int m, int z)

== Arguments ==


::An integer value for the 'direction' of a pixel.


::An integer value for the 'magnitude' of a pixel.


::The image channel of the pixel to return (eg 0 for red, 1 for green, 2 for blue when in RGB mode)

== Return ==

:The value of the pixel channel z at polar coordinates [d,m] in the output buffer.

== Description ==

:Pixels are usually addressed by their cartesian coordinates [x,y], but FilterMeister also allows the use of polar coordinates. Polar coordinates are expressed as [d,m], where 'd' represents the 'direction' to the pixel from the image's center point, and 'm' is the 'magnitude' of the distance from the center. The pgetr() function takes a pair of polar coordinates as arguments, and returns the pixel value in channel z at those co-ordinates.

== Example ==

== See Also ==

:(pgetr16)?, c2d, c2m, r2x, r2y

== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.