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= setBitmapTile =

== Syntax ==

:int setBitmapTile(int x, int y, int iName, int tileWidth, int tileHeight, int tileIndex)

== Arguments ==


::The horizontal coordinate at which to draw the bitmap.


::The vertical coordinate at which to draw the bitmap.


::Null-terminated string with the name of the bitmap to use. Can be either the name of an embedded resource or a filename. Filenames may include directory information.


::Width of each tile in the bitmap.


::Height of each tile in the bitmap.


::Index number of the tile to be drawn, ordered along rows then columns similar to this text.

== Return ==

:Integer containing value TRUE if operation completed succesfull, otherwise FALSE.

== Description ==

:Draw part of the specified bitmap on the current ownerdraw of buffer canvas at the specified coordinates.

:The bitmap is divided in tiles of the specified dimensions which are accessed using the tileIndex starting from 0. If you have 3 columns and 2 rows, a tileIndex of 3 will be the first column on the second row. If the specified dimensions are such that they do not fit the dimensions of the bitmap, no partial tiles are created.

:If coordinates are negative or the bitmap will not fit the canvas, it is clipped at the edges of the canvas.

:tileWidth and tileHeight must be 1 or more, otherwise FALSE will be returned.

:If tileIndex is negative or beyond the number of available tiles, nothing will be drawn.

== Example ==

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== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.