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= setCtlColor =

== Syntax ==

:setCtlColor(int n, int color)

== Arguments ==


::The index of the user control whose color you wish to change.


::The color you wish to change the background of the control to.

== Description ==

:This function changes the background color of the user control with the index n. The color value can be an RGB triplet (as in RGB(r,g,b)) or a COLOR function (as in COLOR(MediumOrchid)). The following user controls support background coloring: standard scrollbars, trackbars, checkboxes, radio buttons, group boxes, owner draw controls, static text and icons. To set the background color to transparent, set the value color to -1.

== Example ==


setCtlColor(0, RGB(255,0,255) ); //set background color to magenta

setCtlColor(6, COLOR(X11.indianred)); //set background color to indian red

setCtlColor(23, -1); //set background color to transparent


== Also see ==

:chooseColor, (COLOR)?, getCtlColor, RGB, setCtlFontColor

== Comments ==

:Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.