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= setDialogTextv =

== Syntax ==

:bool setDialogTextv(string title, ...)

== Arguments ==


::The text to be set as the title bar caption.

== Return ==

:Returns false/zero if the text couldn't be set, true/non-zero otherwise.

== Description ==

:Sets the caption in the title bar of the filter dialog. You can also use printf-style formatting codes in the text parameter, which are filled in by the additional parameters you provide.

== Example ==


int version = 1;

strcpy(str0, "Plug-In Name");

strcpy(str1, "Company Name");

setDialogTitlev("%s made by %s, version %d", str0, str1, version);


== Also see ==

:setDialogText, formatString, setCtlText

== Comments ==

:Everyone can add their comments about their experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.