The FilterMeister Development Team

The following members are actively working on the internal code base for FilterMeister:

The following members have worked on the internal code base for FilterMeister in the past:

The following are frequent contributors to the on-line Wiki documentation:

The following members have contributed to the sample source code base and source template library:

Tutorials, Tips, and Techniques have been contributed by:

Major kudos for the Herculean effort to produce the original PDF documentation set goes to:

And most prolific beta testers? Hmmm, where do we start...

I know the lists are incomplete so far. If you are contributing to the FM Development Team effort and your name is missing above, please add it yourself, along with a Wiki bio page. That's what a Wiki is all about! (If your name is misspelled, your bio page is missing, you prefer a different alias, or you prefer not to be mentioned publicly, please fix it yourself.)

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