Returned Parameters

Currently the mousemove event is only supported for the preview. So n will be always equal to (CTL_PREVIEW)?.

Performs Control Action?

No action will be performed after this event was processed. So if you want to update the preview you have to add doAction(CA_PREVIEW); to the code that processed this event in the OnCtl handler.


This event is triggered for every move of the mouse pointer above the preview. To get the coordinates of the mouse pointer you have to use the getPreviewCoordX and getPreviewCoordY functions.



ctl(10):statictext,"Please move the mouse over the preview!",size=(150,*)


   if (n == CTL_PREVIEW && e == FME_MOUSEMOVE){
       setCtlTextv ( 10, "%d, %d", getPreviewCoordX(), getPreviewCoordY() );

   return false;

Also see

FME_MOUSEOVER, FME_MOUSEOUT, getPreviewCoordX, getPreviewCoordY


Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this event here. Tips for using it are welcome.