(not yet implemented)


ForEveryRow: (<compound-statement>)?


true if processing is complete for this row, else false if the ForEveryPixel handler should be called next for individual processing of each pixel in this row.


If the ForEveryTile handler returns false. then this handler will be called for every row in the current tile, from top to bottom. This handler is a good place to call the testAbort or updateProgress function.

Default handler

The default ForEveryRow handler simply calls updateProgress to update the progress bar and test for an abort condition, and then returns false, passing control to the ForEveryPixel handler for every pixel in this row.


ForEveryRow: {
    updateProgress(row, rows);    /* update progress bar */
    return true;   /* processsing complete for this row */

Also see

ForEveryTile, ForEveryPixel, handlers


Everyone can add his/her comments about this handler here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.