WordsSmashedTogether create a page link. Click on the ? to edit the new page.

You can also create (hyperlinks)? that aren't WordsSmashedTogether. Type them like this: ((hyperlink)). (This is an option that is turned on in this wiki. WikkiTikkiTavi allows you to turn (hyperlinks)? off if you want only the classic Wiki link style.)

You may also create links with spaces in them, find out more over at SplitWikiNames (eg; (Split Wiki Names))?

You may also create standard text out of a normally "CamelCase" word (common in acronyms) by using the ! in front of it. Like this !!LoTR becomes !LoTR instead of LoTR.

''italic text'' becomes italic text

'''bold text''' becomes bold text

'''''bold italic text''''' becomes bold italic text

{{monospace text}} becomes monospace text

---- becomes a horizontal rule:

*Item and **SubItem become a list:

#Item and ##SubItem become a numbered list:

  1. Item
    1. SubItem

Mixing #Item and #*SubItem styles produces mixed lists:

  1. Item
    • SubItem

Using : at the start of a line, produces indentation




**bold** becomes **bold**

//italics// becomes //italics//

^^superscript^^ becomes ^^superscript^^

,,subscript,, becomes ,,subscript,,

--deletions-- becomes --deletions--

++insertions++ becomes ++insertions++

Formatting code snippets

abcdef hij
klmn opqrstu


abcdef hij
klmn opqrstu

Create a remote link simply by typing its URL: http://example.com/.

If you like, enclose it in brackets to create a numbered reference and avoid cluttering the page; [http://www.example.com] becomes [1].

Or you can have a description instead of a numbered reference; [http://example.com Example Site] becomes [Example Site].

You can put a picture in a page by typing the URL to the picture (it must end in gif, jpg, or png). For example, http://c2.com/sig/wiki.gif becomes wiki.gif