1. New Features

1.1 The FM source code editor and advanced mode controls have

been split off into a separate window from the main FM dialog

window. The two windows are "modeless" (i.e., you can freely

switch back and forth between them) and run as separate tasks.

The principal benefit of this change is that the main FM dialog

now works in truly WYSIWYG mode. In particular, you can use the

Dialog:size and Dialog:region specifications in the FM editor

window to control the size and region of the FM dialog window,

and the effects will be accurately reflected in the dialog

window at design time.

1.2 Preliminary support has been added for 16-bit deep image modes

(i.e., 16-bit Grayscale and 48-bit RGB). The proxy preview

now displays correctly in these modes although, of course, the

preview is only 8 bits deep, since few if any display drivers

support 16-bit color depth. The src() and pset() functions

now operate correctly in 16-bit mode. However, other functions

such as tset(), t2set(), tget(), and t2get() do *not* yet

support 16-bit mode; and the built-in variables r, g, b, R,

G, and B also do *not* recognize 16-bit mode, which means

that the R/G/B handlers do not yet support 16-bit mode.

While you can now write a simple ForEveryTile handler to

process a 16-bit image using just the src() and pset()

functions, we suggest you wait for full 16-bit support to

be implemented in a subsequent release before expending

any serious effort on writing 16-bit filters.

1.3 Ten new predefined global string variables str0, str1,..., str9

have been added. Each of these variables is of type char[256].

1.4 The FM source editor now recognizes Ctrl-A as a short cut for

the "Select All" operation.

1.5 The FM source editor now accepts the Tab character as a valid

source code character. Default tab stops are set at every

multiple of 4 characters.

2. Changes

2.1 Several internal changes have been made to the host/plug-in

interface for better compatibility with the AVIedit host

application; however, FM still does not operate correctly

with AVIedit.

2.2 The "Big gulp failed" error message is now issued only in

debug versions of FM.

2.3 The maximum number of temporary variables in the FM evaluation

stack has been increased from 100 to 200, thus greatly

increasing the complexity of expressions that can be compiled.

2.4 The previous limit of ~100 arguments per function call has

been doubled to ~200. However, the number of floating-point

arguments in a function call is still limited to 8.

2.5 FM now recognizes '8B)M' as the signature for the Tryout

version of Adobe Premiere 5.0.

3. Bug Fixes

3.1 A memory leak that could occur whenever a compilation was aborted

has been fixed.

4. Known Problems

4.1 Message boxes issued by the main FM dialog window can sometimes

be hidden behind the FM Source Editor window. If FM just "dings"

when you click either the FM window or the Editor window, try moving

the windows around to discover if there is a hidden message box

waiting for your input.

4.2 Specifying Dialog:drag=background causes the titlebar ToolTip to

appear anywhere in the draggable body of the FM dialog.