1. Changes

The following changes have been made since the 0.4.1 release:

1.1 The ForEveryPixel and ForEveryTile handlers are now implemented.

1.2 FM now recognizes all "undocumented" (Premiere-compatibility) FF built-in variables (e.g., p, t, total, rmax) and functions (e.g., src0(), src1(), rad0(), rad1(), cnv0(), cnv1()), except rst().

1.3 A problem that prevented FD-generated message boxes from being displayed during final filter application has been corrected.

1.4 Floating-point literals and filter info strings are now correctly preserved across filter invocations.

1.5 pset() now ignores attempts to store pixels outside the current tile.

1.6 A problem that caused a null statement to generate a "bug 2" message has been fixed.

1.7 In Advanced Edit Mode, changing the setting of Use MMX, Use CMOV, or Use inlines now forces a recompile.

2. New Features

Following are new features in this release:

2.1 Two new built-in functions testAbort() and updateProgress() have been implemented.