Syntax of the FM Language

FilterMeister actually supports several plug-in filter design languages, including

As such, the syntax of the total union of all languages is rather complex, but may be more readily understood by examining the syntax of each component language individually.


Case Sensitivity

Extended BNF Description

Terminal Symbols

Examples of terminal symbols (e.g., a keyword or a reserved word):

Non-terminal Symbols

Examples of non-terminal symbols:

Top Level Symbol

The top-level non-terminal symbol, from which all programs recognized by FilterMeister are derived, is:

Click the link for <FM_program> to begin delving into the depths of the various FM Language syntaxes, or click one of the following links for the syntax of a specific FM sublanguage:

Also see

Command Reference, <FM_program>, <AFS_program>, <FFW_program>, <FFP_program>, (<FML_program>)?