int putArray (int nr, int x, int y, int z, int val)


Number of the array. Values from 0 to 99 are acccepted.
x, y, z
x, y, and z coordinates of a cell in the array. If you allocated a one-dimensional array, set y and z to zero. If you allocated a two-dimensional array, set z to zero.
Value that will be stored at the specified coordinates in the array.


Returns 0 for failure (invalid index nr, or invalid byte-size of Array), and 1 for success.


Lets you store a value in an array. When storing a value into an Array with byte-size 1, the value will be clamped to the range [0,255]. For an Array of byte-size 2, the value is clamped to [0,65535]. If the byte-size is not 1, 2, or 4, a value of 0 is returned to indicate failure.


See allocArray

Also see

allocArray, freeArray, getArray, fgetArray, fputArray, fillArray, ffillArray, getArrayDim, copyArray


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