bool testAbort()




Returns true if the user has pressed the Esc key, false otherwise.


The testAbort() function tests for a user-requested abort.
Since we often want to call testAbort() and updateProgress() at the same place in our filter program, FM provides a shortcut by calling testAbort() implicitly within updateProgress(), and returning the result of testAbort() as the result of updateProgress(). So we can kill two birds with one stone and replace the separate calls to testAbort() and updateProgress() with the following single call:
// Update the progress indicator and check for   
// user abort on each new row...  
if (updateProgress(y - y_start, y_end - y_start)) break;  

Also notice that the followings code are equivalent:

if(testAbort()) break;
if( getAsyncKeyState(VK_ESCAPE)<0 ) break;


//If processing takes too much times, user can abort at any time  
//Instead of using break, i choosed to integrate testAbort directly in the
//the test of the first "for loop", which is a cleaner solution.

  for ( y = 0; y < Y && !testAbort(); y++ ) // row by row, included testAbort here
    for ( x = 0; x < X; x++ ) // column by column
      for ( z = 0; z < Z; z++ ) // channel by channel
        if((x%8)==(y%8)) pset(x,y,z,0);  // draw something
        updatePreview( 0 ); // update the preview (only in active filter dialog)
  return true;

Also see

updateProgress getAsyncKeyState


Everyone can add his comments about his experiences with this function here. Tips for using it are welcome, too.